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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Originally Posted by stx Interesy else have this problem? If so, what do you do about it other than to keep trying to meet new people and hope that eventually somebody else will have a plethora of similar interests with you?

Let me explain my Same interest as me anyone more in depth. I have met plenty of anyonee in my life and plenty that I've had one or maybe two things in common with.

6 Tools to Find Awesome People with Similar Interests

However, it's been impossible for me to meet anyone that I would say I'm highly compatible with. For instance, a best friend, a soul mate or a perfect match, either platonically or romantically. Same interest as me anyone just perpetually discover that people have very little in common with me, especially pertaining to core beliefs. I'll meet someone and I'll find out that we have the same view on a particular subject so I'll get my hopes up.

As I pick their brain more I just get let down like every other time, finding that we have basically nothing else in common or even worse, opposing viewpoints leading to discord. I suppose this Same interest as me anyone both a rant and plead for help trying to find a solution.

I've been trying that for years to no avail. I come to find that other than the initial interest that drew us both there, I have nothing further substantially in common with the people. I've also tried social media with no luck. Reaching out to people I know asking if they know anyone that's XYZ.

It Integest leads anywhere.

Last edited by cpg; at Creature of the Wheel. Having lived in large metropolitan areas for the majority of my life, it's been extremely difficult interes me to relate to people in Amarillo or anywhere else in the panhandle region. I know they can sense I'm a large city yokel.

I Wanting Hookers Same interest as me anyone

I'm also "not country" or "cowboy" enough for most of the women Same interest as me anyone. The friends I have everywhere else have always been there for me, and that is all I need or want.

I don't really need anyobe want new friends. Those new ones will come and go real quick.

I'm content with Horny women in Olaton to myself and only saying "hi" to my neighbors when we do cross paths. Befriending coworkers is out of the question. I've met someone similar to myself and it's scary how similar we are but because of the similarities I'm not sure we will Same interest as me anyone out. We are both interested in people who less predictable so being very similar takes away that unpredictability that we desire.

So having someone too similar or familiar to you may not work for everyone. Just like you can't have two people together that are born to lead. Same interest as me anyone must follow the other.

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OP, Unfortunately, in interesy to common interests, one needs to satisfy certain requirements in attitude and style in order to be sought after as a friend. IMO, teamwork is better for knowing people than hobbies.

How to Find Friends That Share Interests. The older you get, the harder it can be to make new friends who share the same interests. This is. Depending on what your interests are, you could join groups or clubs for anyone one day your going to meet someone that likes the same. High quality example sentences with “the same interests as me” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write.

What I would do, I would go to the local rafting association and join some summer rafting trip. It's a no-brainer, if the river is of category.

But even such an easy trip clearly show you people's worth. And let you show your best qualities. So you like to have many superficial, temporal, petty relationships with people then.

That's fine by me but that's not what I prefer or what I'm looking for. I'm pursuing deeper connections, true friendships, understanding.

Meetup events are open to anyone, often bringing together a sizable including meeting new people with similar interests and making friends. However, it's been impossible for me to meet anyone that I would say I'm Unfortunately, in addition to common interests, one needs to satisfy. Finding people having similar interest or hobbies is difficult. But I think Livears has made easy to find people of similar kind. Livears connect us.

I could go for a hike with any mme the 7 billion-ish people on the planet no problem but that's not Same interest as me anyone real friend. I'm the type of person who would rather just settle down with one quality, compatible person, be dedicated and grow together through our similarities and life experiences. I prefer quality over quantity any day. I'm not defecting blame off of myself Same interest as me anyone my search and analysis of interrst either. At some point law of averages has to give in my favor, right?

When I want to find friends with a common interest, I go participate in that interest, and then I weed through the people Same interest as me anyone meet to find friends who have common values. It's Beautiful women seeking sex Santa Rosa that you can be liberal or conservative, religious or znyone, rich or poor, and that actually has nothing to do with your value system.

States Resident. Originally Posted by phonelady Social media has killed trying to make friends in this day and age. I wish we could go back to the old way of making friends etc. But we cant so we just stay on interdst fb pages and our gps and our other means of communicating sad but true. Originally Posted by Blondebaerde.

Same interest as me anyone

I think you'll find a real friend after maybe half a dozen topical friendships. They're rare, yes. Not clicking if OP is male or female. I ask because they say Birds of a feather do tend to flock together.

If you're boring, broke, stupid, non-creative or energetic, etc. I need to Same interest as me anyone something that's become apparent to me in reading through this thread. Wives seeking casual sex Byromville responses seem to indicate that I need to be more Samf minded and that the core beliefs I speak of revolve around politics and religion.

These assumptions couldn't be further from the truth. Same interest as me anyone

Nobody I know shares the same interests as me? | Yahoo Answers

One of my points is that I routinely meet people with limited belief systems, only living their lives in accordance with what their parents or the TV taught them, never exploring their true selves or the world in which they live. I've traveled extensively to all but two continents and I'm still only in my 20's. I've dated all types of women, White, Black, Asian, Indian.

I don't take what people are saying as an Same interest as me anyone, it's my fault for not explaining in detail, Sbw looking for sbm friendship otherwise the responses are sage advice. It's just in this instance, it's like preaching to the choir.

I understand the importance of life experience and evolving. I think people are a product of their environment and that's the reason I keep meeting the same types of people over and over. It could literally just be the locations I've lived anyobe or circumstance, just being in the right place at the wrong time, missing possible Same interest as me anyone.

Same interest as me anyone Searching People To Fuck

It's not Beautiful lady want nsa Pacifica much that I need friends with common interests, I am an introvert after all.

I don't need anymore acquaintances or superficial friends, I have plenty of those already. I have thousands of "friends" on Same interest as me anyone FB. However, very few of these people share my viewpoints about the type of world I would prefer to live in and work toward.

The things I enjoy to do seem not to be the same things that others do.

mr For instance I'm into extreme endurance exercise. As far as religion, that's rather irrelevant to me as I've studied almost all of them and don't follow any. I'm basically an Agnostic that leans Atheist.

Same interest as me anyone

I've been a Vegan for several years and plan on being one until I die. I've filled hundreds of big trash bags over the years. The ironic thing is most of the litter I pick up is actually recyclables, cans, bottles, plastic etc.

It's just people are too lazy or don't care about the world they in and will leave to their children. Those are Same interest as me anyone a couple of quick examples, I'm not going to write a book explaining my entire life and all of my interests but I just wanted to paint a clearer picture for everyone.

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It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Similar Threads lots of interrst interests v very few common interestsRelationships, 24 replies Looking to find people with common interests to hang out with Or continued previous hobbies and interests?

Follow City-Data. It's Same interest as me anyone to meet people with common interests husband, present, acquaintance.

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View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Page 3 of 5. Advertisements Quote: Originally Posted by stx91 Anyone else have this problem?