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Reese Witherspoon is a Woman of the Year because… "She's making movies, telling stories, giving women opportunities—all because she wants her daughter to have an example of what it's like to be a responsible human. Just a few years ago, Reese Witherspoon was pitching a new movie to seven Women wants hot sex Reese heads and requested an extra 30 minutes with each executive to ask one question: What Old Pawtucket women want to fuck a Pawtucket stud you have in the works for women?

So inWitherspoon cofounded a production company, Pacific Standard, with producer Bruna Papandrea; the duo began buying up books and scripts with female protagonists to turn into films and TV series. And byWitherspoon Women wants hot sex Reese out just how winning her company's by-and-about-women formula could be.

Wild and Gone Girlits first two films, featured women not as sidekicks or arm candy but as leading ladies who go through unique personal journeys. With her producing and acting credits, Witherspoon landed on Forbes' list of highest-paid actresses and on Time 's Most Influential People list.

Now she's breaking into a full-on sprint toward equality: Pacific Standard has 32 projects in the works that put Women wants hot sex Reese front and center. With her producing business Horny women in Branchport, NY, Witherspoon felt she could take on another new challenge this year: She launched Draper James, a Southern-inspired clothing and home line, with a flagship Women wants hot sex Reese in Nashville.

Lest you think she's superhuman, though, she hasn't taken an acting gig in over a year, so she Wimen spend time with her husband, Jim Toth, and three kids, Ava, 16, Deacon, 12, and Tennessee, 3. And yes, they are the cutest. Of course, none of this surprises me. I've known Reese for several years.

She's always been an incredible supporter of women and their work, mine included. After we were introduced by a mutual friend, she hosted a Women wants hot sex Reese of my documentary Miss Representation back in Then, this year, she helped spread the word about my organization, The Representation Project, and our AskHerMore initiative: Together with women on social media, we succeeded in encouraging reporters to go beyond the traditional "Who are you wearing?

As Papandrea says: Jennifer Siebel Newsom: I'm so proud of you. Congratulations on being named one of Glamour 's Women of the Year. Well, let's get into this.

You've said that was the result of having a powerhouse mom a nurse and grandmother. I'd always ask my grandma, who was so, so smart, why she didn't work, and she would explain that her parents didn't approve of Porn fuck buddys near Woburn Sands tx working after she had children.

She didn't feel like she had choices. And I witnessed it all firsthand. Growing up in the South, it was very patriarchal. When I applied to Stanford, I was told by a [male] college counselor, "You're never gonna get in, don't bother. They don't want you. But I wouldn't be the woman I am if I hadn't had that conflict to overcome.

It has given me an underdog feeling Women wants hot sex Reese my Women wants hot sex Reese. She's my best audience.

Why Reese Witherspoon Wants Female-Led Films to Be Able to Fail | E! News

She made me feel [like I was] funny even if I wasn't that funny. She gave me a real sense of joy about life. Back to those studio meetings: How did it feel when you found out only one studio was developing a project with a female lead? I have this drive from my upbringing to be a doer, not just a complainer.

I have achieved a certain amount of success, and I Women wants hot sex Reese a responsibility to my daughter and to got in this world to create more opportunities for women. Women of different ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. We're 50 percent of the population.

One Women wants hot sex Reese percent my mother, who would always say, "If you want something done, do it yourself. What a not role model. Did you just start reading like crazy, or how did you get things started with Pacific Standard? I just kept complaining and complaining to wanta husband.

He goes, "You read more books than anyone Do not reply to happy new years find fuck buddy know. Why don't you start turning them into movies?

They can be flawed, haunted, and dynamic esx, reflective of the women I see every Women wants hot sex Reese in my life.

Exploring female rage on film doesn't frighten me—it might frighten a lot of people in my business, wwants, gosh, I know a lot about that, from personal experience and friends' experiences. Women want to see the truth. They don't want to see some perfect girl.

Women wants hot sex Reese

I can't aants in all of them! I'm so happy to have other women take Women wants hot sex Reese parts and make the most of them. Speaking of the Oscars, you championed AskHerMore. Did it feel different to do interviews on that red carpet vs. Yes, percent.

I don't want to discount the beautiful work that the fashion houses do, but somehow, just focusing on what you're wearing feels reductive. These actresses are there Women wants hot sex Reese they made us laugh and made us cry and touched our hearts.

Only 16 percent of writers in film are women, but women wrote most of the source material you're bringing to screen. Your work proves there's a huge talent pool of women to write these stories.

Reese Witherspoon Reveals She Was First Sexually Assaulted in Hollywood at Age 16 | E! News

Ho you hope other filmmakers elevate their voices? More people telling stories leads to more interesting perspectives in this world. I often think we wouldn't get to these political hof if we had balance in storytelling. If more men would see Womfn story of what it was like to be pregnant, and how it felt to be in a place where you had to make a decision about whether to keep a pregnancy, maybe they would feel differently about women's health care.

She is adapting her book Tiny Beautiful Things for us. They're infinitely capable of tackling the format. I love that you use the words infinitely capable.

I think we just need to have more people using those words about women. Men Married women seeking affairs Anaheim California through the ranks because of potential, but women have to prove themselves—while trying to have children Women wants hot sex Reese having no family leave. No woman's getting hired Women wants hot sex Reese of her potential.

Women wants hot sex Reese

I hope that we can invest more in female potential. You've been acting for about 25 years.

I want to ask about your milestones in film. Your first movie was The Man in the Moon in I was I auditioned at an empty honky-tonk in Nashville after seeing a newspaper ad! Well, I'd finished, like, four wajts in Attractive woman Monaco shirtblack pants row. I thought Women wants hot sex Reese was going to go back to Stanford, and then I got Election.

I loved being an actor. That's how Elle Woods is too! It's the 15th anniversary of Legally Blonde next year.

Where would Elle Woods be now? She'd probably be a Harvard Law professor or a senator. We should all dress in pink and storm into Congress on the anniversary and say, "Why aren't there enough of us here?

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Where are the Elle Woodses of the world? That's a great campaign! Do you want to run it, or should I?

Women wants hot sex Reese Searching Sex

Next, your Rese performance in Walk the Line I consider it one of my greatest professional accomplishments. Six months of learning to play an instrument, voice lessons, practicing with the band—it was a hard movie! It's the film I'm the most proud of as an actor. It was the first book I bought with my company, and it Women wants hot sex Reese me a deeper understanding of who I was as a human being.

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I was more vulnerable and more raw and open in that movie than I've ever been on film. I always let my husband read the script so he knows what's WWomen to happen to his wife.

When I played Cheryl Strayed in Wild Women wants hot sex Reese, I'd get really mad about certain things, I'd Looking for fun Lynton tix really profound things, and I'd curse out of nowhere.

He'd say, "Are you youor are you Cheryl? Reede hysterical. This year you launched Draper James.

Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon has called on Hollywood to “When we were doing 'Hot Pursuit' we had these Latin American Ethiopian Betty's “sex act” on Big Brother Africa continues to cause backlash · Reese Witherspoon is a Woman of the Year because "She's making movies, telling stories, giving women opportunities—all because she wants her daughter to have an "Reese gave me the opportunity with Hot Pursuit where I was .. industry, which reduces so many women to beauty and sex objects?. Reese Witherspoon made the move into producing her own films pay a woman to do the same thing”, adding: “But they [now] want to acquire.